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Beauty is one thing I’ve never neglected


How to get rid of dark knees… Is it possible without using dangerous whitening creams? 

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Gabrielle McLeggan

I remember the the days I skipped my first period class just so I could do my make up in the bathroom. Or I would skip school all together and hide in my closet so my mom thought I went to school to catch more beauty sleep. Fast forward to college and I am obsessed with Korean Skincare, coconut oil and everything Sephora has to offer. I should not be surprised when I really think about it. My family has been using Shea butter, and essential oils since I was a child and when I was growing up many woman in my family and still until this day use and sell the famous brand Mary Kay. I guess you can say it’s in my DNA. I actually think I might have out done everyone in my family. It is very possible that this is true. From daily face massages to keep my face lifted (since I can’t afford expensive facial treatments…yet), to face steaming, tea tree oil for pimples/face bumps… I’m dedicated. Welcome to Gabalicious Beauty.